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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jun 23 23:13:31 PDT 2009

<<< I would love to see the menu. I might be doing something similar  
in the
fall, so any insights on how the camp kitchen feast worked (or didn't)
would be a big help.

So far my plans include doing as much pre-cooking as possible, but I am
still in the early planning stages.

-Hrefna >>>

I should think that anything that you can cook on a camp stove could  
be cooked over a campfire, but not necessarily the reverse, so I would  
start from that angle rather than the other way around if you want to  
be able to cook on either depending upon the weather.

I can think of many, many dishes that could be cooked on a camp stove,  
which is why I didn't jump into this conversation sooner.

However, Hrefna, in this case you didn't give such a restriction. You  
also didn't indicate how much experience you already have cooking over  
an open fire.

We have had some good discussions on this list about cooking over an  
open fire. If you don't feel real comfortable cooking over an open  
fire, or even just want to see what others recommend, check out these  
two files in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
cook-ovr-fire-msg (68K)  6/ 8/09  Cooking over open fires. Outdoor  
Opn-Fr-Cookry-art (26K)  6/23/07    "Outdoor Open Fire Cookery" by  
Count Sir
                                        Gunthar Jonsson, CIM.

These in the FEASTS section might also be of use:
out-fst-safe-msg  (14K)  6/26/05    Cooking outdoor feasts safely.
prim-sit-fsts-msg (22K)  6/28/07    Preparing feasts at primitive sites

These files in the FOOD section may not go into details on cooking  
over an open fire, but the menus, recipes and comments might be useful:
Camp-Cooking-art   (8K) 12/ 4/00    "Camp Cooking" by Lady Caointiarn.
M-Camp-Cookng-art (11K) 10/ 2/01    "More Camp Cooking" by Lady  
                                        Some simple one-pot meals.
campfood-msg      (84K)  3/ 3/99    Non-refrig., period food for  
camping events.

I hope these help.
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