[Sca-cooks] Camp Cooking Challenge - Starting Over

Bronwynmgn at aol.com Bronwynmgn at aol.com
Wed Jun 24 06:03:12 PDT 2009

I must have really managed to miscommunicate on this, because Stefan is the 
only one so far who has given me even a reasonably specific answer to the 
challenge I posed.
I am not asking how to be a camp cook at Pennsic.  This will be my 20th 
Pennsic, and I have either been in charge of the kitchen or second in command 
of the kitchen for at least 17 of the previous years, for groups as large as 
40 people.  We've been cooking on the fire at least part time for at least 
15 of those years.  I know how to obtain, store, and cook food at Pennsic and 
I know how to manage my kitchen safely.  I know what I have, what I need, 
and what I'd like to have in my kitchen.
I'd intended this to be a game, similar to our siege cooking challenges.  
Tell us either a recipe that can be cooked the same way on the wood fire or 
on a camp stove (this is the easy section, since most stews, fried dishes, 
etc fall into that category).
Or, for more of a challenge, come up with one dish using fire-cooking 
methods (spit-roasting, dutch oven, grilling, baking in the coals, etc) and an 
alternate dish, using the same perishable ingredients, that can be done on a 
camp stove.
For maximum challenge, give us a whole meal (meat, starch, veggie) with one 
version fire-cooked and the other done on camp stoves, including managing 
the meal on 4 burners (2 stoves with 2 burners each).  We are cooking for 8 
adults and 2 kids (whom we do not expect to eat everything we cook).
I thought it would be fun, would get some of the research out of the way 
for me :-), and maybe give me some new ideas of what to cook this year.
Stefan has suggested lamb kebabs, switching to a lamb stew if using the 
camp stove.  Not specific recipes, but the idea I was aiming for.  Anybody else 
want to play?
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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