[Sca-cooks] Menagier translations

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Fri Jun 26 09:05:10 PDT 2009

>Wednesday, June 24th, was the feast of Saint John the Baptist.
>For those of you who celebrate such things, a belated happy one to
>you. For those of you who don't, you can still celebrate the official
>date which, according to Le Menagier, you begin gathering your green
>walnuts for making mixed preserves/compost

Speaking of Le Menagier, there is yet another translation out (Gina Greco 
and Christine Rose, 2009).  I've lost track of how many there are into 
English and their degree of completeness.  I tried digging around in the 
Florilegium, but didn't see an article similar to the one(s) that compare 
Apicius translations.  Is there one, or do people here have strong 
opinions?  All I have at home is an old photocopy of the Powers version.


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