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> As I was preparing dinner today, I wondered if the dish was period.  Our family
> has always called this dish "German Tamales" and it is cabbage rolls.  Ours are
> prepared with raw hamburger meat, uncooked long grain white rice, egg, breadcrumbs,
> and finely chopped onions and seasoned with salt and pepper. The meat mixture is
> then stuffed into softened cabbage leafs. Here our recipe differs from others I
> have read.  We layer them with sauerkraut and onions.  Then they are either baked
> in the oven or cooked on top of the stove.  They are an absolute family favorite
> for nearly eighty years. (My Maternal Grandmother taught me how to make them.)
> My question is: "Are they in any way, shape, or form period?".

The closest (late) medieval recipe I'm aware of is this one for stuffed

To make a stuffed cabbage. Take a red cabbage that is not too large, &
put it to boil whole sweetly, & leave it so a long time that you can
open the leaves the one behind the other, while the leaves of the
cabbage are large like a fist, cut that out, & put chopped meat therein
that it will be arrayed like the other meats with eggs & spices, & then
layer the cabbage with the leaves all around, that it will be well
bound, & put it to cook, sausages with, or that which you want. 
[Ouverture de Cuisine, France, 1604]

Avelyn Grene has her version of the recipe online at

- Doc

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