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Mon Jun 29 11:33:17 PDT 2009

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> > From: "Marcha" 
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> > As I was preparing dinner today, I wondered if the
> dish was period.  Our family
> > has always called this dish "German Tamales" and it is
> cabbage rolls.  Ours are
> > prepared with raw hamburger meat, uncooked long grain
> white rice, egg, breadcrumbs,
> > and finely chopped onions and seasoned with salt and
> pepper. The meat mixture is
> > then stuffed into softened cabbage leafs. Here our
> recipe differs from others I
> > have read.  We layer them with sauerkraut and
> onions.  Then they are either baked
> > in the oven or cooked on top of the stove.  They
> are an absolute family favorite
> > for nearly eighty years. (My Maternal Grandmother
> taught me how to make them.)
> > 
> > My question is: "Are they in any way, shape, or form
> period?".

>From Rumpolt.  No rice, and it is the whole head rather than individual leaves, but it is cabbage stuffed with seasoned meat (and raisins)

Gwen hungry now Cat

114. Hollow out the white cabbage/ take vealmeat/ and put it in a broth
especially the quick [lean?] that has no leg [bone?]/ when it is cooked/ so take it out/
and cool it/ chop it with beef fat and bacon/ pepper 
and yellow [saffron] it. Take small raisons thereunder/ and poached birds/ fill the 
cabbage therewith/ and fill [cover] the opening/ that the filling does not climb out/ 
pour beef broth/ that is lightly salted/ thereover/ and let it simmer therewith/ 
so it will be good and welltasting.

114. Ho:ele das weisz Kraut ausz/ nim{b} Kalbfleisch/ vnd setz es zu mit einer 
Bru:eh/ sonderlich das bretig/ das kein Bein hat/ wenns gesotten ist/ so thu 
es herausz/ vnd ku:els ausz/ hacks klein mit Rindern Feiszt vnnd Speck/ pfeffers 
vnd gelbs. Nim{b} Kleine Rosein darvnter/ vnd vberquellte Vo:egel/ fu:ell dz 
Kraut darmit/ vnnd fu:ell den Spundt zu/ dasz die Fu:ell nicht herausz steigt/ 
seig ein Rindfleischbru:eh/ die lindt gesaltzen ist/ daru:eber/ vnd lasz darmit sieden/ 
so wirt es gut vnd wolgeschmack.


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