[Sca-cooks] cabbage rolls/stuffed cabbages

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jun 29 12:57:57 PDT 2009

Bertha asked about cabbage rolls or perhaps it was stuffed cabbage:
<<< My question is: "Are they in any way, shape, or form period?". >>>

Bertha, from your question I'm not sure if you are asking about  
stuffed cabbages (center pulled out and stuff stuffed in the cabbage)  
or stuff wrapped in cabbage leaves or both.

There are a few stuffed cabbage recipes in this file in the FOOD- 
VEGETABLES section of the Florilegium:

veg-stuffed-msg   (28K) 10/24/07  Period stuffed vegetable recipes.

I'm not sure any of these are close to what you describe though, since  
they don't tend to have meat in the stuffing.

There is also this file in the FOOD section, but the leaves used tend  
to be grape leaves rather than cabbage (dolmas):

grape-leaves-msg  (31K) 12/24/04  Use of grape leaves in cooking.  

If you are looking for ways to use up all that extra cabbage you have,  
there is also this file. Which I wish I'd remembered last week when I  
had all that leftover cabbage from cooking corned beef and cabbage.
cabbages-msg      (90K)  3/26/06    Period cabbages. Broccoli,  
                                        Brussel Sprouts. Recipes.

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