[Sca-cooks] OOP Question: Baked Fish

Celia des Archier CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Mon Jun 29 15:54:28 PDT 2009

Kiri said: 
> Join the club...there are a lot of us out here!  Check out the South Beach
> diet web site.  There are a lot of wonderful fish recipes there, and South
> Beach was originally created for diabetics.  Tuna and salmon are among their
> strong recommendations, but they also have recipes for other fish as well.

I'm actually doing a personalized version of South Beach / Atkins / carb
control as my nutritional strategy. :)  Most of the South Beach recipes I've
seen have been more complex than my palate appreciates on a normal basis, and
I'm not as enthusiastic about salmon as they prefer, but I haven't checked out
their website recently, so thanks for the reminder. 

> My favorite seasonings for fish include rosemary and tarragon.  Another
> possibility is to find an Italian Vinaigrette salad dressing that doesnt'
> contain sugar and use that as a marinade.  Just be very careful not to bake
> the fish too long...it can turn very dry and unappetizing!

Oh!  Those all sound yumm!  Thanks for the suggestions, and the recipe!

~ Celia

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