[Sca-cooks] scallops

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Tue May 5 13:09:21 PDT 2009

Just to answer the various posts from Stefan, Adamantius and others:

Here in Austria you get them fresh in their shells.  Most of them still with 
the red corail (roe sack of the sacllop) attached.
If they are not in the shells, you get them ususally without the red corail. 
Just the white round part of muscle meat. In German they are also called 
Jakobsmuscheln (as they where given to Pilgrims going to Santiago de 
Compostela to St. Jacob's  shrine and we did find the empty shells on the 
beach in spain).

I prefere them in the shell, baked in an oven with butter mixed with herbs 
(lemon thyme, parsley,...) and breadcrumbs packed on top of the meat and a 
bowl of sald and some baguette.
I certainly will test the recipe from huette it does look really 

Regars Katharina
Austria, Ad Flumen Caerulum

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