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One other books of possible use is by Drew Langsner (sp?).  He 
included a section on coopering buckets.  Title doesn't come to mind 
and I am at the office where I can't look at my index.  Langsner is 
still active teaching course in primitive woodworking in North 
Carolina.  He's written several books.

Simon Sinneghe
Briaroak, Summits, An Tir

At 01:32 AM 5/6/2009, you wrote:
>Selene C. asked:
><<< Where can one learn cooperage these days?  We could make a proper
>tub of
>proper materials.  Which, of course, brings the topic back around to
>historical containers, whether for food or for people.  :-) >>>
>Start with:
>coopering-msg     (50K)  7/13/06    Making and maintaining barrels
>and kegs.
>In the CRAFTS section of the Florilegium.
>I think I mention a very good book I got on coopering in there.
>Okay, Let me pull up my book database... Oh! I've got more books on
>this than I thought.
>"The Cooper and His Trade"
>Kilby, Kenneth
>ISBN: 0-941936-16-3
>Linden Publishing
>Fresno, Calif.
>192 pages
>This was the one I was thinking of first.
>"How to Make a Coopered Wooden Bucket: A Beginner's Guide with
>Detailed Instructions and Illustrations"
>Gaster, James D.
>ISBN: 1-57921-798-2
>WinePress Publishing WA
>"Village Cooper (Shire Album, No 28)"
>Kliby, K.
>ISBN: 0-85263-392-0
>Shire Pubns
>I had ideas of making wooden casks and buckets for use at events
>instead of plastic ones. However, reading the first book quickly got
>rid of any delusions I had of being able to do that. At least for
>barrels the staves have to be carved to curve in all three dimensions
>simultaneously. In addition, the wood for these needs to be radially
>split from a log, not cut with a saw. So I had no source of good
>source material.
>However, for a large tub, the staves probably can be done with only a
>simple curve and a large radius at that. And maybe the use of a lot
>of sealant. :-)
>Can I come soak in your hot tub when you finish it? Sigh.
>Mark S. Harris
>Electronics Engineer, Board and Systems Design
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