[Sca-cooks] seaweed

Ian Kusz sprucebranch at gmail.com
Fri May 8 08:09:00 PDT 2009

Thanks, all for the seaweed recipes....

So far, we're looking at cooking it in with rice, or a broth or soup, or as
part of a soaking mechanism for a turnip.

Hmmm.....these seem all sort of "soupy"......

the reason I make this observation is that....well, I only know how to make
a few things.  Stir fry, soups, omelettes, and, perhaps, premixes.  But none
of these things, for me, have static ingredients; the specific vegetables
and meats vary, if you know what I mean, even though the basic food is the

I'm trying to make sure I"m not missing out on a bet for a different usage
for seaweed; for instance, I used it for a wrap for cooking fish, and it
made the fish even more "fishy tasting" (almost inedibly so), and did not
moisten the seaweed, itself, enough to make it really palatable.

I'm trying to think; baking?  um.....some kind of stir-fry?  I know about
the sushi thing, but haven't the skill to make sushi (nor would I know what
kind of fresh fish was "safe," or where I could get fish fresh
enough).....hmmm....omelettes? (sounds very strange-tasting)

Tried it in a salad, ended up shredding my mouth....

Is it limited to the kinds of things you've already mentioned, or is there
something else?

I'm not complaining, just trying to make it clear why I'm asking such a
specific and picky question.  I'd rather not shred my mouth.  It sucked.

Nice to know it's sort of period, if you have a Japanese persona.
Ian of Oertha

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