[Sca-cooks] A digression on the Rochester Garbage Plate

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Fri May 8 12:21:41 PDT 2009

I've mixed metaphors and made a sort of udon eggdrop soup for various meals

udon or soba, broth, scrambled eggs soft-cooked in the broth, with a little
scallion, black pepper, and soy.

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> On May 8, 2009, at 3:33 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
>  Selene commented:
>> <<< My dad weirded out a bit when I ordered a nice Japanese udon breakfast
>> the last time we flew together.  Perfectly ordinary.  In my life anyway.
>> >>>
>> What's an "udon breakfast"? I seem to remember "udon" is a thin, pale
>> Japanese soup but don't remember more than that, and that may not have any
>> connection to this anyway.
> It as my [limited/flawed] understanding that the udon was the thickish
> wheat-flour noodle that goes into the thin soup. To which Assorted Stuff is
> then frequently added.
> I'm not sure if a udon breakfast is simply any udon [almost invariably
> soup] dish, eaten for breakfast, or the traditional simplest form of the
> noodles in the broth with just a bit of soy, some chopped scallion, maybe a
> few cilantro leaves, etc.
> "Udon" is also the title of a pretty good Japanese movie from 2006. And
> speaking of Japanese movies about noodles, I recommend staying away from the
> gratuitous American remake of Tampopo, which is called "The Ramen Girl", and
> which probably doesn't actually suck as bad as it appears to in comparison
> to the original, but it's almost impossible not to compare the two,
> therefore appropriate expectations are hard to meet.
> Adamantius


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