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Thanks, again, for all the help.  Off to experiment!


On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 11:07 AM, Linda Peterson <mirhaxa at morktorn.com>wrote:

> Think of the seaweed the same as dried oriental mushrooms- you have to
> reconstitute it before using it in cooking. A salad use (Japanese) is
> reconstituted, chopped seaweed with sliced cucumber and octopus in a vinegar
> type dressing for instance. It's very good for you so I hope you will
> persevere in experimentation!
>        Mirhaxa
>  mirhaxa at morktorn.com
> PS. I think Nanna's Icelandic cookbook has a seaweed soup recipe, too.
> On Fri, 8 May 2009, Ian Kusz wrote:
>   Thanks, all for the seaweed recipes....
>> So far, we're looking at cooking it in with rice, or a broth or soup, or
>> as
>> part of a soaking mechanism for a turnip.
>> Hmmm.....these seem all sort of "soupy"......
>> the reason I make this observation is that....well, I only know how to
>> make
>> a few things.  Stir fry, soups, omelettes, and, perhaps, premixes.  But
>> none
>> of these things, for me, have static ingredients; the specific vegetables
>> and meats vary, if you know what I mean, even though the basic food is the
>> same.
>> I'm trying to make sure I"m not missing out on a bet for a different usage
>> for seaweed; for instance, I used it for a wrap for cooking fish, and it
>> made the fish even more "fishy tasting" (almost inedibly so), and did not
>> moisten the seaweed, itself, enough to make it really palatable.
>> I'm trying to think; baking?  um.....some kind of stir-fry?  I know about
>> the sushi thing, but haven't the skill to make sushi (nor would I know
>> what
>> kind of fresh fish was "safe," or where I could get fish fresh
>> enough).....hmmm....omelettes? (sounds very strange-tasting)
>> Tried it in a salad, ended up shredding my mouth....
>> Is it limited to the kinds of things you've already mentioned, or is there
>> something else?
>> I'm not complaining, just trying to make it clear why I'm asking such a
>> specific and picky question.  I'd rather not shred my mouth.  It sucked.
>> Nice to know it's sort of period, if you have a Japanese persona.
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>> Ian of Oertha
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