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thanks much for pointing to your wonderful site!

As for bibliography, there is also a section with "bibliographical notes" in this file:

http://www.uni-giessen.de/gloning/bib/cookmat.pdf  (Martino on pages 42 to 43,  Platina: pages 44-45)

There is also Valeria Romanelli's digital text of Faccioli's edition:


Do you know of other online sources? Or do you have them already listed on your site (in a place, I did not find yet)?

Now as for counting, I have a small quibble here:

<< There are ten total manuscripts that I am aware of 
7 which are relatively accessible. >>

Counting Platina and Epulario within the Martino corpus can be justified, I think. 

However, if you do so, there are a great many more manuscripts and even printings.

<<< 4) Sacchi, Bartolomeo (Platina) De Honesta Volputate 1470(?) [transcription and translation] Milham, Mary Ella, Platina: On Right Pleasure and Good Health  (1998) Tempe, Arizona, Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies                                        Platina    >>>

Mary Milham has published three papers on the Platina versions, which are taken from the bibliography above:

Milham, M.E.: The manuscripts of Platina »De honesta voluptate« and its source, Martino. In:
Scriptorium 26 (1972) 127-129.

Milham, M.E.: The latin editions of Platina's »De honesta voluptate«. In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 52
(1977) 57-63.

Milham, M.E.: The vernacular editions of Platina's »De honesta voluptate«. In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch
54 (1979) 87-95.

<< 7) Rosselli, Giovanni de'. Opera Nova Chimata Epulario.
1518, [transcription] Bimo-Roma, Rome
1973                                                                                                                                          Rosselli >>

There are several printings of this work as well.
Ciao and keep up the good work!



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