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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon May 11 12:34:11 PDT 2009

-S commented:

<<< case in point - Coronation feast on Saturday.  Most people it  
seems did not
understand that the sour cream that went out was supposed to be eaten  
the pierogi.  It probably should have waited for the pierogi but  
there was
room on the first platter so I sent it out at the beginning of the  
and the pierogi followed. >>>

I think the solution in that case is to tell the servers, or at least  
the head server who should pass it on, "The sour cream is or the  
pierogis which will be out shortly". I've seen entire courses come  
out, out of order, and some dishes get shifted from one course to  
another or not come out at all. It happens. And I don't have a  
problem with sending out something like this sour cream when the  
space is available. But get the word out. Otherwise, folks are going  
to be trying to figure out what the sour cream is for and they might  
find another use for it, on food or not :-), and not have any left  
for when the food it was meant for comes out. Thank you, Susan.

<<< That being said - it seems that the meal was a success and nobody  
hungry. >>>

I'd like to hear more about how this feast worked out and what any  
other problems and solutions might have been. Wasn't this a feast  
that you took over at the last minute which had already been designed  
by someone else?

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