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Mon May 11 12:48:25 PDT 2009

Cadoc said:

<<< I had already seen people stare blankly at uncut pies, uncarved  
hunks of
meat, etc at other feasts >>>

For pot lucks it does help to not only precut pies and such, but also  
to remove that first slice. Folks seem to have this aversion to  
"ruining that perfectly good pie" by taking the first piece.  
Especially if the pie or cake is uncut.

<<< But, all that being said, you have to work with what you have on  
hand.   If
you don't have the serving vessels
to do a pre-prepped delivery, then maybe you can set up some servers  
roaming or regional carving stations. >>>

What would you include in a "roaming or regional carving" station?  
Knife?, knives? carving block? If it is roaming, where do you do it?  
On a cart? Tables are often solidly packed with people, which is also  
another problem with expecting someone to carve something at the  
table - there's no room to do so.

<<< I've already wheeled a vat of soup around a feast hall on a  
kitchen cart and
served people that way.  (it was a
lot of fun too, well, only if the cart has good wheels...wasn't my  
feast, I
was just helping) >>>

Now that, we have discussed.

serving-soups-msg (18K)  4/14/07    Serving soups at SCA feasts.
    (In the FEASTS section of the Florilegium, for those that might  
be interested)

There is also this file:
servng-drinks-msg (14K)  8/30/07    Serving drinks and beverages at  
SCA feasts.

And this one:
Servng-Roylty-art (10K)  1/ 1/06    "When Royalty Graces Your Head  
Table" by
                                        Dame Alys Katharine, O.L., O.P.
   (But when serving Royalty, you generally don't carry them around  
the hall on a cart or otherwise...   :-) )

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