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Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Tue May 12 10:09:52 PDT 2009

> I'm surprised by something there. Is it the norm in the Outlands to
> publish a very definite menu in advance? I just ask because it's very
> much not the norm here. People usually find out exactly what they're
> having on the night.


So Antonia where are you located?  Here in Atlantia it is up to the head cook to announce the menu or not ahead of time.  Even if our guild chooses not to announce ahead of time we always have the menu posted at troll and at the kitchen with the menu, including ingredients on the tables.

> Court delaying the feast is a thing not to be borne.


Our guild has a stuffed carrot we toss into Court if it is running a bit too long.  Even if the Crown comes to grace our event our Baroness is quick to let them in on the cue and it has been taken with a giggle and a bit of theatrics so no bad feelings anywhere.

> Sometimes they'll eat a bit more-- if it's something really yummy like
> Zanzerelli (basically broth with parmesan cheese, eggs, and crumbs), or
> soup with some kind of dumplings or ravioli, they'll eat a bit more, but
> they all seem to think vegetable soup is some kind of trick to draw them
> away from the real food.


We have a number of vegetarians in our group so we always try to balance our offerings to include well balanced as possible vegetarian offerings, including soup.

> I can't *imagine* doing something like pierogies for a big group any way
> but made in advance and frozen. Ditto sausages.


Having made waaaaaay too many pierogies and dumplings for feasts I simply refuse to do it any more.  I prefer to get them already prepared.

> >And now my plan for most of the rest of the year is to power lounge at each
> >and every event I attend!! Maybe I can finally wear my pretty garb.
> >
> I keep saying that... I've been saying it for ten years :-)


There's pretty garb!?!???!

> -- 
> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo


Olwen the Odd

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