[Sca-cooks] Dulce de Leche

Elise Fleming alysk at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 15 03:03:42 PDT 2009

I make dulce de leche like Eduardo does - place an unopened can of 
sweetened condensed milk into a deep pan.  Fill the pan with water, 
enough to cover the can by an inch or more.  I bring mine to a low boil 
and adjust the heat to keep it there.  (My stove is electric.)  Top up 
the water in the pan so that the can remains covered.  Cook at a low 
boil or simmer for 3 hours for a light color, or 5-6 hours for a darker 
color.  Remove the can with tongs and let it cool before opening.  This 
is what our hostess in Argentina taught us when we lived there for two 

Alys K.
Elise Fleming
alysk at ix.netcom.com

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