[Sca-cooks] sorrel verjuice?

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> Was this your own invention? Or do you have some evidence for  
> verjuice being made with sorrel in period? Or is this just an  
> addition to green grape or crabapple juice, which is what I thought  
> verjuice was made from.

Green Verjuice [Sauce]. Take sorrel including the stem, steep in some
other verjuice, strain [through cheesecloth], and add a bread crust so
that it does not turn.
[Le Viandier de Taillevent]

> Along those lines I wonder if there are medieval recipes for green  
> sauces made with sorrel?

Yup.  I thought I posted them earlier this week.  Here are links to
three of them:

Vert sauce - http://www.medievalcookery.com/cgi/display.pl?nob:127
Sauce Sorell - http://www.medievalcookery.com/cgi/display.pl?tfccb:300
Surelle - http://www.medievalcookery.com/cgi/display.pl?tfccb:453

- Doc

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