[Sca-cooks] Tea Information

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri May 15 14:34:30 PDT 2009

> I'm coordinating Youth Point for Pennsic.? I'm hoping to host a Known 
> World Youth Officers' Meet and Greet on evening.? I had this idea that it 
> would be neat to have a class for the kids on period-style serving and 
> then invite those who wanted to to come back and serve at the meeting.? I 
> don't want to deal with the hassel and? issues of a full meal, so I was 
> thinking of a late afternoon/early evening Tea.?
> Any ideas on:
> Period Tea? Service? (Any Culture)
> Ideas for simple "tea" foods that kids could maybe help prepare?
> -Ardenia

If you are talking about actual tea, you need either China or Japan.  Tea 
wasn't introduced into Europe until the 17th Century.

There is, however, a 15th Century Flemish drawing of a ladies' feast with 
trenchers being prepared and served at the table.  A copy of the print was 
appended to an article on trenchers that I placed with Stefan for the 
Florilegium, but I don't know if the print made it into the Florlegium.


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