[Sca-cooks] Recall on spices and food safety

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Sat May 16 11:04:13 PDT 2009

Hey, I'm on the west coast and there hasn't been any mention of this in our 
Since we sell spices,  I called my broker, who said it was a limited  
outbreak due to improper customs inspection ( or lack of).
He said the major companies require testing of product before they  
distribute it bulk or by retail.
So feel free to use other brands.
My question is: Since most seed pods and whole spices are flash heat  
pasteurized, how does the germs stay alive?  Are we dealing with a lack of  
protocol?  Or a lack of inspectors? Or has the whole quality vs price  broken 
down all the respect for the food we eat?
This is how we lost the Szechwan peppercorn several years ago. Someone  
didn't process them right and the product carried some citrus disease that  
spread to the United States. It was on the banned list until they figured out  
what killed the disease and they require all peppercorns to be processed 
now.  Thank goodness they solved that problem as the oriental cooking is 
somewhat  boring without them.
I am more worried about the chili peppers grown locally and in North  
America. Some of the gardening and harvesting techniques haven't been improved  
since who knows when.
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In a message dated 5/15/2009 2:10:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
johnnae at mac.com writes:
It turns out Lian How Brand Spices and Uncle Chen’s  Brand White Pepper 
and Black Pepper among other spices are being recalled  due to Potential 
salmonella  contamination.


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