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Tue May 19 06:34:08 PDT 2009

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> From: Johnna Holloway
> Here's another sorrel recipe that I just came across.
> Note the title:
> To make May eggs. Take eggs, & put them to boil that they will be soft: 
> then make an hole in the egg at both sides with a point or skewer of 
> wood, that the hole is for putting a pea therein: then blow the yolks 
> out, & chop parsley very finely, & mix it with the egg yolks, a little 
> salt & pepper therein, & put again an egg yolk or two, or more, & refill 
> the eggs with the point of a knife thereon, that it will be layered 
> thereon with a little white bread, that it does not run at all: then 
> have a cauldron of boiling water, & cast the eggs therein, & let them 
> boil hard, afterwards take them out & peel, & cut them in half, & put 
> thereon melted butter & juice of sorrel.

Shoot, and I've even made that one!  I always end up leaving out the
sorrel because I can't find any around here.

Note that this recipe - taking half-boiled eggs, removing the yolks,
adding stuff, putting the yolks back in, and continuing to boil them -
is potentially very very messy.  The end result is really cool though.

- Doc

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