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Thu May 21 13:27:26 PDT 2009

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> From: "Terry Decker" <t.d.decker at att.net>
> I have no clue as to how the tool was used, but it doesn't appear to be a 
> farrier or blacksmith tool.  It is too short to get the leverage needed to 
> pull horseshoes.  Also, it is designed so the jaws shouldn't close down 
> tightly.  The two bumps on the inside of the handles opposite each other 
> should limit how tightly the jaws can close.

When closed, only the very outside ends of the "toothed" part touch any
of the "flat" part.  I also suspect it's too dull to be an emasculator
of any sort.

> The shape and size suggest that it is for fine bending and shaping, but I 
> have no idea of the materials on which it would be used.

That's an interesting thought.  A boatbuilding tool maybe?  The fact
that it's stainless though keeps dragging me back to surgical/veterinary

... or maybe food-processing.  A cocoanut husker?

On a side note, that web page is now has the #1 spot for a google search
of "cow lip stretcher".

- Doc

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