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I really like the sound of your fish-filled pop tarts!  

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There was an event this past weekend for which we had indoor sleeping 
arrangements and electricity but no actual kitchen facilities. (note to 
self: reserve cabin with kitchen next time) Things were learned:

Darioles (the egg and cheese filling variety) work really well done in 
muffin tins, sez the Consort. He considers that size the perfect ratio of 
crust to filling. Also the half-wheat flour crust was also a hit.

Buchaut of chicken (buchaut of bunny--from Chiquart I think--with chicken 
substituted in for bunny) freezes and reheates amazingly well and is 
exceedingly good on toast.

The major success of the weekend was an adaptation of the salmon pie 
recipe here: http://www.medievalcookery.com/recipes/salmonpie.html The 
changes were to make individual pastries using 4-ounce chunks of salmon 
fillet, and I put dill, garlic powder, and a bit of mustard powder into 
the pastry. Wrapped snugly in foil and then frozen, they reheated in the 
coals of our neighbor's fire quite well.

I had a leftover one for lunch yesterday and it actually fit 
into the toaster here at work, albeit a trifle on the snug side. If we 
were to mince the raw salmon a bit to make the final product a bit 
thinner, we'd have fish-filled Pop Tarts.


Margaret FitzWilliam
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