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No problem.  Here 'tis:

Farcimina - Sausages

Recipe By : Platina--De honesta voluptate

Servings :8

1   pound Beef

 1/3   cup salt pork

 1/2   cup Parmesan cheese, grated

1 1/2   teaspoons ginger, black pepper, cinnamon

2   teaspoons fennel

1   piece saffron

2   teaspoons salt

     sausage casing

2   each eggs

1. Grind beef, fat and cheese together.

2. To the mixture, add eggs, salt, spices and saffron, and mix well.

3. Stuff mixture into casings.

4. Use immediately or smoke sausages to make them last longer.


Veal meat and soft pork fat are well ground and grated aged rich cheese and
well ground spices. Beat together two or three eggs, as much salt as is
required, and saffron for color; all this you will mix together and after it
is blended, stuff it into an intestine that has been well washed and
stretched thin. These should be cooked in a cauldron. They are only good for
two days. But they can be kept for fifteen days or more if you add more salt
and spices or dry them out in smoke.

NOTE:  I took this from an earlier translation of Platina than the current,
much better one by Mary Jane Milham.  However, as it is such a simple
recipe, I doubt that it would be much different.


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> A recipe is always in order.  Go ahead and send it, so we have it for the
> future.
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