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Deborah Hammons mistressaldyth at gmail.com
Fri May 29 08:25:31 PDT 2009

It seems she has a Bradley smoker, with insulating heating blankets?  The
idea was to put many small loaves in tins in the smoker at about 3 in the
morning, and have hot fresh bread for breakfast at 6.
I would wonder about the "smoker".  Smoked brisket yes, bread, not so much.

I have done biscuits in my little oven on the wood stove before, but never
bread because the temperature is pretty unpredictable over an hour.  My
other half is looking into building a beehive when next we camp.


On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 10:52 PM, Terry Decker <t.d.decker at att.net> wrote:

> Heat source, not oven?  If the heat can be contained at constant
> temperature within an enclosed space large enough to hold the loaves for
> about an hour, yes.  The crust may be lighter than normal and the crumb may
> be denser due to less oven-spring.  If one was feeling adventurous and had a
> digital thermometer, baking a loaf of bread to a core temperature of about
> 210 F should give the approximate baking time for a given temperature or
> oven. Otherwise, I'd start with 45 minutes (predicated on a 1 pound loaf) as
> a test, then lengthen or shorten by 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the
> results.
> Considering the altitude of much of the Outlands, if using a standard bread
> recipe, it might be wise to add 2 Tablespoons to each cup of liquid in the
> recipe (3 T. if at 7,000 ft or above) if the recipe has not be adjusted for
> altitude.  Don't use additional yeast, lengthen the rise if necessary.  Salt
> is necessary to moderate the rise at altitude.
> Enriched breads bake better at lower temperatures than basic flour, water,
> yeast and salt recipes.  For a basic bread recipe, consider change the water
> to milk or adding a couple of eggs or 2 or 3 Tablespoons of melted butter.
> Baking in tins is probably recommended as tins concentrate heat near the
> crust.
> If you get any more details pass them along.  This sounds like one of those
> fun little oddball baking projects.
> Bear
>  This came from our Outlands list.  I asked her what kind of bread, and how
>> large the loaf.  But I think it might bake but be dry without a water
>> source
>> in the oven.
>> Aldyth
>> =============================================================================
>> I am working on an idea for baking bread and here is what I am wondering-
>> My heat source can only go up to 320 degrees and not 350.  IF the bread
>> has
>> been proofed and is ready to go, will the bread still bake properly but
>> only
>> take longer?
>> What are your thoughts on this-
>> Carres Sabran
>> *"Sabra"*
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