[Sca-cooks] Bread Question from someone not on this list

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri May 29 08:33:39 PDT 2009

A smoker needs two things:  a heat source and damp wood chips for 
smoking.  If you don't put in the latter, you don't wind up with smoked 
food.  Bread, yes, brisket not so much.  ;-)

Small diversion:  some folks from the Barony of Calafia [San Diego, CA] 
brought a propane-fired smoker to Collegium and to Potrero War and 
demonstrated it.  Quite a good compromise for "city kids".  Best quickie 
treat:  smoked pecans in about one hour.  To which I say, happily, Nuts 
To You!

Selene Colfox, your cohort in backup beepery

Deborah Hammons wrote:
> It seems she has a Bradley smoker, with insulating heating blankets?  The
> idea was to put many small loaves in tins in the smoker at about 3 in the
> morning, and have hot fresh bread for breakfast at 6.
> I would wonder about the "smoker".  Smoked brisket yes, bread, not so much.
> I have done biscuits in my little oven on the wood stove before, but never
> bread because the temperature is pretty unpredictable over an hour.  My
> other half is looking into building a beehive when next we camp.
> Aldyth

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