[Sca-cooks] Fwd: [EK] Fwd: [Ealdormere] Potter Master Hroar in hospital

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun May 31 09:42:08 PDT 2009

Mistress Huette's most recent update on LJ reads:

06:17 pm


Hroar had his endoscopy this afternoon and his bleeding ulcer has been 
treated and he is no longer bleeding! Yay! His ulcer was in his 
duodenum, about an inch beyond his stomach. It is believed that this was 
caused by all of the asperin that he was told to take for his heart, and 
exacerbated by the Plavix. He is now forever off asperin, but he will be 
put back on Plavix once the wound has totally healed. We are hoping, but 
haven't been told for certain, that he may be released to come home on 
Saturday. I hope that they will, because even though he just had his 
procedure, Hroar is becoming very bored and restless.

We even have pictures of everything, but we aren't going to gross out 
everyone with sharing them. :-)
* * *

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