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/Siege of Harfleur, 19 August-22 September 1415

There's an entry in:
Encyclopedia of the Hundred Years War
By John A. Wagner
Edition: illustrated, annotated
Published by Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006
and you can see that on Google Books which lists
Christopher Allmand Henry V, 1997 and Alfred Burne The Agincourt
War 1999 as sources.

There's a full text description in
Henry V. the Typical Mediaeval Hero
By Charles Lethbridge Kingsford
Published by G. P. Putnam's sons, 1901

For Henry's army
"It was the duty of the royal officers to provide not only shipping for 
the voyage oversea, but to a certain extent also land transport for use 
in the field.* During the actual progress of a campaign the army was 
maintained by foraging and requisitioning from the country. But such a 
means of supply was too precarious to be depended on altogether, 
especially at the commencement of an invasion. On each of his great 
expeditions Henry took with him a vast store of provisions for immediate 
use ; and time after time we find him sending for supplies to England. 
During the siege of Harfleur Bedford fitted out ships and sent them to 
the Seine with corn for the King's use. f After the town had fallen the 
fishermen of Kent were ordered to cross the Channel with their boats and 
tackle to fish off the French coast for the support of the army. /\ 
/When Henry lay before Rouen the citizens of London sent him a store of 
food and drink as a free gift.§ At other times English merchants shipped 
corn to Norman ports for the use of the army, whether at their own 
venture, or under contract with one of the great lords. 1

/* Feeder a, /ix., 248. Robert Hunt, Sergeant-Carter, to provide carts 
and wains for the King's use, May, 1415. /\M-, /31o, 312.

/\ /Devon, /Issues of Exchequer, /p. 342. § See below, page 246.

|| /44th Rep. Deputy-Keeper, /pp. 621-623. /Cf. /p. 630; grain sent from 
Hull for the household of Sir James de Audeley."

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Deborah Hammons wrote:
> I have spent most of the past week looking for what would have been commonly
> eaten meat wise in the area of Harfluer around 1415.  I know it was/is a
> port city, but what I am looking for is mostly whether pork was common.  Any
> ideas where else I can look?
> I am going to sponsor a siege cooking competition at Glory over the 4th of
> July weekend.  Don't want to do beef if I don't have to, and am not doing
> horse. (Was suggested...)
> Aldyth
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