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Thank you so much.  I will forge ahead.  :-))
Shoshonna asked which I was looking for, English or French.    Not
answering, because that is on the judging sheet.  There are a few on the
list who might feel the need to either enter or judge, so what I put on the
list is going to be public knowledge anyway.


On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 4:24 PM, Johnna Holloway <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> /Siege of Harfleur, 19 August-22 September 1415
> There's an entry in:
> /
> Encyclopedia of the Hundred Years War
> By John A. Wagner
> Edition: illustrated, annotated
> Published by Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006
> and you can see that on Google Books which lists
> Christopher Allmand Henry V, 1997 and Alfred Burne The Agincourt
> War 1999 as sources.
> There's a full text description in
> Henry V. the Typical Mediaeval Hero
> By Charles Lethbridge Kingsford
> Published by G. P. Putnam's sons, 1901
> For Henry's army
> "It was the duty of the royal officers to provide not only shipping for the
> voyage oversea, but to a certain extent also land transport for use in the
> field.* During the actual progress of a campaign the army was maintained by
> foraging and requisitioning from the country. But such a means of supply was
> too precarious to be depended on altogether, especially at the commencement
> of an invasion. On each of his great expeditions Henry took with him a vast
> store of provisions for immediate use ; and time after time we find him
> sending for supplies to England. During the siege of Harfleur Bedford fitted
> out ships and sent them to the Seine with corn for the King's use. f After
> the town had fallen the fishermen of Kent were ordered to cross the Channel
> with their boats and tackle to fish off the French coast for the support of
> the army. /\ /When Henry lay before Rouen the citizens of London sent him a
> store of food and drink as a free gift.§ At other times English merchants
> shipped corn to Norman ports for the use of the army, whether at their own
> venture, or under contract with one of the great lords. 1
> /* Feeder a, /ix., 248. Robert Hunt, Sergeant-Carter, to provide carts and
> wains for the King's use, May, 1415. /\M-, /31o, 312.
> /\ /Devon, /Issues of Exchequer, /p. 342. § See below, page 246.
> || /44th Rep. Deputy-Keeper, /pp. 621-623. /Cf. /p. 630; grain sent from
> Hull for the household of Sir James de Audeley."
> Hope this helps,
> Johnnae
> Deborah Hammons wrote:
>> I have spent most of the past week looking for what would have been
>> commonly
>> eaten meat wise in the area of Harfluer around 1415.  I know it was/is a
>> port city, but what I am looking for is mostly whether pork was common.
>>  Any
>> ideas where else I can look?
>> I am going to sponsor a siege cooking competition at Glory over the 4th of
>> July weekend.  Don't want to do beef if I don't have to, and am not doing
>> horse. (Was suggested...)
>> Aldyth
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