[Sca-cooks] quince (was persimmon)

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Nov 5 07:47:10 PST 2009

>I did see fresh quinces several weeks ago (at Central Market) and 
>considered buying one to try it. But at $1 each, I didn't want to 
>buy several w/o a recipe and wasn't sure if I could eat it raw just 
>to try one.  But at that price, no wonder folks have said it was 
>cheaper to buy the pre-made quince paste than to make it yourself. 
>Which is what I did for my recent Nobles Luncheon.

My understanding is that most quinces need to be cooked before 
eating.  Someone mentioned here that there are varieties that can be 
eaten raw, but I think they are not likely to be the ones that show 
up in the market.

I agree though about using premade quince paste for a luncheon, if 
you don't have a tree or other cheap source.  How did that go?  I 
don't remember reading a report about it.


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