[Sca-cooks] Preserving peaches

Cheri or Anne celticcheri at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 7 14:36:33 PST 2009

A late frost (in spring) is when it freezes after the trees have bloomed and thus kills the buds which would have produced fruit at the end of the season.
An early frost (in fall) can damage already grown fruit that is just needing more time to ripen completely.
Hope that clears it up...learning the hard way in Washington state.

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> I'm confused. I can understand how you can lose a crop to an early frost,
> but how can you lose a crop to a late frost? Do you need to a frost to get
> the peaches to finish ripening? If not, wouldn't you have already harvested
> the peaches, whether you have a late frost or not?
> Stefan, who is obviously not a farmer.


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