[Sca-cooks] Cookery book at Longleat House here:copyright

brooke white traumspindel at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 8 11:42:27 PST 2009

The notion that if you don't make a profit is not a violation of copyright
is one that has been flying around for ages and is destroying the lifelyhood
of quite a number of aspiring artist-

In Short: It is not true.

It is merly one factor and not the determining one in establishing the
 *fair use* argument of somebody elses work, but even there you are allowed
to make a good profit of the *fair use* clause (think for example a literary
encyclopedia who is doing summeries of plots...essentiall using a very
important part of an author' work.)

And it does make sense, If somebody took something that is yours, something
you made and sweated over put money,, time and effort into, and gave it away
for free, would your rights not have been violated?WOuld you not consider
yourself violated?

There is one fair use argument which has something to do with education
which may or may not give us an out, but somebody would have to research
that in more depth.

Now the way around this thing called copyright is fair use and it is a trade
off. The law acknoledges that the intangible of an idea or a piece of work
which cannot be touched (not book is protected its contents are) may have
intrinsic value and that an idea only benefits society if there is a form a

NOw, if somebody were to write a book on said book, he/she could use parts
of said book.for citation and educational discourse.

Also, there may be a way to get to the original THEN you could probably have
the pelican protege thingie done since the copyright of the initial author
has run out, it is the book in its current form: pictures, font,
translations which are protected, even the lay out.

maybe that helps to shed some light onto the copyright question


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