[Sca-cooks] boke of cokery 1500 -- ownership statement?

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Nov 8 13:08:24 PST 2009

There are ownership statements on the rolls of the microfilm. Right in  
the first frames.
My copy of the microfilm (yes I own it)  states
"Those wishing to quote from, reproduce or publish material from these  
films should write to:'
and then it gives the address of the Marquis of Bath. There are also  
several frames saying the material
is copyrighted. That should be on all the rolls of film and printed  
also in the accompanying documents that go along with the microfilm  
collection. Check the actual guides that came with each set. I'll bet  
they state it very clearly! (I used to spend a great deal of time  
working with microfilm collections.)

If you look on the EEBO website it clearly states
Can I download material from EEBO?

All the material published in EEBO is subject to copyright  
restrictions and includes a clear statement on each page informing  
users of who the copyright holder is. Much of this material is  
published electronically under license from the source library, and is  
intended solely for the use of members of institutions who subscribe  
to the service. The copyright restrictions are similar to those which  
apply to print publications: just as readers are permitted to  
photocopy short passages of books and journals, users of EEBO are  
permitted to download, print, save or email material for their  
individual use on the understanding that these copyright restrictions  
are adhered to. All further reproduction or distribution is prohibited  
without the written permission of ProQuest LLC, and, where applicable,  
the copyright holders of the source volume.

There are a number of other statements to this effect scattered  
throughout the EEBO docs.

See it's also a matter of violating the license agreement. You sign on  
to use a reference collection, you check a box someplace or have  
checked a box through the university not to violate agreements.

Johnnae (playing librarian)

On Nov 8, 2009, at 2:44 PM, emilio szabo wrote:

> <<
> The microfilm and
> and EEBO versions carry a very strongly worded ownership statement. >>
> I got a digital facsimile from the (lousy) microfilm many years ago.  
> I have not seen such an ownership statement.
> Visiting the EEBO website and looking for the entry again, I don't  
> find such a statement either (see below). Could you be a bit more  
> specific, where one is to find such a statement?
> E.

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