[Sca-cooks] printed cookbooks prior to 1501 -- Platina

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun Nov 8 15:05:55 PST 2009


> In this sense (or: according to this criterion), Platinas book might 

> be called a dietetic treatise (which includes the recipes of Martino).

All true and perfectly fair. On the other hand, since the recipe  
sections are as detailed and voluminous as a number of roughly  
contemporary sources that clearly are cookbooks, it might be said to  
be a little misleading to suggest it isn't a cookbook, probably to a  
similar extent as calling it just a cookbook.

Adamantius >>

I agree.

So, we could call it a dietetic treatise which includes/ contains / incorporates the detailed and voluminous cookbook of Martino.



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