[Sca-cooks] Mistress Helewyse's website is missing!

Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 9 05:29:45 PST 2009

Apologies to all for this.  Not only am I working 10 hr days 6 days a week right now (long story) but my computer is off having some much needed TLC.  The website will re-appear at some point.  But I will have to go through each page and fix the internal and external links to re-launch.  None of which I have time for right now sadly.  
I sent the lost in translation article to Stefan for the florilegium . 
So that it was out there in more than one place.  This should fix your need.  Overall the take home message is there are major and minor issues with the translation.  The most major one is the weights and measures, use appropriate Italian libra equivalents (12 oz) not the 16oz pound that Scully assumes. And all the other measures derive from it. 

I talked to her this week about her website.
She has it saved but it's not yet been relaunched.
She's been rather busy with work.

It would have been at:

No this is not up on Wayback machine either.



On Nov 5, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Pixel, Goddess and Queen wrote:

> So, since Geocities is now gone, where did the website go? I wanted  
> to print out her corrections to the Scully translation, since I've  
> finally started to peruse my copy...
> Margaret FitzWilliam


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