[Sca-cooks] Minor rant Re: An Event Without a Feast, was Cookery book at Longleat House?

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It would also be worth mentioning, if it has not already been done, that logistics really have to be considered when it is decided to do or not do a feast.

Having been formerly from West Kingdom, a standard outdoor crown event weekend could have anywhere from 800-1200 people, and that site might be a working ranch or farm with an empty pasture.

This usually means no running water, no tables, no ovens, no nothing. Yes, I have and will cook in a field kitchen, but all those kitchens had at least access to running water and they were done for feasting less than 80 people. But I also had access to some form of running water. I consider the lack of running water a serious health risk when trying to cook for more than a handful of people.

Does this mean there is not a sense of feasting at the events? Not for several years that I can recall. Most often, and announced well ahead of time, the populace would be invited to bring their table & chairs along with a potluck dish and this was all set up on the list field. There was always much merriment.

One of the things I had to dispel since moving from West Kingdom is the concept that they don't have feasts. A large portion of indoor events held by the local groups did in fact have a feast and there are many talented cooks who put those feasts together (and many of which are on this list).

So it is not an issue of not wanting or not considering a sense of "hospitality", but the desire to keep the populace a "Healthy" one that is of primary consideration.


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I don't think anyone meant this as a slam to other parts of the country.  I
have either lived in or visited most parts of this country and have found
hospitality wherever I have gone.  Yes, I was raised in the tradition of
southern hospitality as well...but I think that it's more a matter of what
we want to do personally.

I also don't think that our having feasts is part of that heritage.  We were
originally a part of the East Kingdom and many of our "traditions" are
inherited from those folks.  Among those is the tradition of having feasts
at most of our events.


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> Hmmm. I started to reply to Helen's post, discarded it, and will now try
> again. The short version is, in spite of the fact that I have probably spent
> less than three weeks south of the Mason-Dixon line in my life, I don't seem
> to recall ever hearing around here that a reason not to have a feast at an
> event was lack of desire to do so.


> It's all just a ploy to conceal my region's deplorable lack of hospitality.
> That and cattails, I guess...
> Adamantius
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