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Hello all.

It's likely you're already aware of the following titles, but I recently
stumbled across them referenced in the"*Handbook to the popular, poetical,
and dramatic literature of Great Britain."  *Thought I'd share, just in


COOKERY.—1. This is the Boke of Cokery. Here begiuneth a noble boke of
festes royalle and Cokery a boke for a pryncis household or any other
estates; and the niakynge therof accordynge as ye shall fynde more playnly
within this boke. [Col.] Here endeth a noble boke of the festes Ryall, and
the boke of cokery for a pryncys housholde or euery other estates housholde,
as ys maye fynde in the chapytres & in the makynge accordynge. Emprynted
without temple barre by [Kijcharde Pynson in the yere of our lorde. M.D.
4to. K, in sixes, except that K has 8 leaves.

In Herbert's time, this was in the library at Bulstrode.

2. A propre new booke of Cokery. declaryng what maner of meates be best in
season for all tymes of the yeer, and how thei ought to be dressed and
serued at table bothefor Holie dales and (issue daies with a newe addicion,
veri necessarye for all them that delighteth in cokery. Printed by Richard
Lant and Richard Banckes. 1546. 8vo, 16 leaves.

3. A noble Booke of Feastes Royall and of Cookerie for Princes Housholde or
any other Estate and the Making thereof. Lond. by John Byddell. 4to.

4. A New Boke of Cokery. Printed by Thomas Raynalde. n.d. 12mo. So Herbert.

6. *A Proper New Booke of Cookery. Imprinted at London by John Kynge and
Thomas Marsh [1558]. 12mo. *Corpus Christi Coll. Camb.

This may he the *Poke of Cokerye, *which was licensed to John Kyng in
1667-8. Bee Collier's *E'xtractt, *i. 16.

6. A little olde booke of Cookery. Imprinted at London for Anthony Kytson.
16mo. *MauntelCs Cat.

7. A proper new Booke of Cookery. Declaring what maner of meates be best in
season for al times of the yeere, and how they ought to be dressed, & serued
at the Table, both for fleshe dayes and Fish daies. With a new addition,
very necessary for al them that delight in Cookery. 1575. Imprinted at
London in Fleete-street, by William How for Abraham Veale. 12mo,
blackletter, 16 leaves. *Br. Museum.

8. A Booke of Cookery, very necessary for all such as delight therin,
gathered by A. \V.
And uowe newly enlarged with the seruing in of meats to the Table. And the
proper Sauces [to eche of them moste cotiuenient. Printed by lohn Allde.
1684. 16ma Inglis, in 1826, *£t la.

(b) *Lond. by Edward Allde. 1588. 16mo.

(c) *A Book of Cookerye. Gathered by A. W. And now newlye enlarged with the
seruing in of the Table. With the proper Sauces to each of them conuenient.
Lond. by Edward Allde, 1591. 8vo. E in eights. *Bodleian *(Douce).

(d) *A Booke of Cookerie And the order of Meates, &c. London, Printed by
Edw. All-de, dvelling neere Christ-Church. 1620. 12mo, black letter, O. in
eights, first and last leaves blank. *Br. Muxum.

e) A Booke of Cookerie and the order of Meates to bee served to the Table,
both for Flesh and Fish Dayes. London, Printed by *E. *A. and are to be sold
by F. Grove. 1629. 8vo, black letter.

(f) A Booke of Cookery, And the order of Meates, &c. London, Printed by
Elizabeth All-de, dwelling neere Christ-Church. 1634. 12mo, black letter, 56
leaves. *Br. Muteum.

(g) *A Book of Cookery, And the order of Meates to be served to the Table,
both for Flesh and Fish dayes, &c. London : Printed by Jeane Bell, dwelling
at the East-end of Christ^Church. 1650. 12mo, black letter, 56 leaves. *Br.
Mttse.um *(King's pamphlets).

9. Cookerye for all maner of Dutch vyctuall. Licensed to J. Wolfe in 1590.

10. The good huswifes handmaide for the kitchen, containing manie principall
poiutes of Cookerie, &c. Lond. by K. Jones. 1591. 8vo. *Bodleian *(Douce).

11. Epulario, or the Italian Banquet: Wherein is shewed the manner how to
dresse and prepare all kind of Flesh, Foules, or Fishes, translated out of
Italian into English. Printed for William Barley, 1598. 4to, black letter.
Farmer, 1798, Xs. ; resold Bindlev, 1818

12. The Treasury of Hidden Secrets, commonly called the Good Housewife's
Closet of Provision. 1627. See Hunter's *New III. of Shakespeare, *ii. 135.

13. A True Gentlewoman's Delight, wherein is contained all manner of
Cookery. By W. L. 1653. 8vo. Other editions.

14. The Queen's Closet Opened, or the Pearl of Paradise ; Incomparable
Secrets in Physick, Chirurgery, Candying, and cookery. London, Printed for
N. Brook, 1655. 8vo. With a portrait of Q. Henrietta-Maria by W. Faithorne.
This includes (with separate titles) *The Queen't Delight, *dated 1654, and
*The Compleal Cook, *dated 1654.

(i) The Queens Closet Opened, &c. With Additions. Transcribed from the true
Copies of her Majesties own receipt-Books, by W. M. one of her free
servants. Lond. 1656. 8vo.

15. The Gentlewoman's Cabinet Unlocked, wherein is contained manyexcellent
Receipts for neat Dressing of divers sorts of Meats, as Flesh and Fish, with
their proper Sauces. Also Directions for the best Way of making pancakes,
fritters, tansies, puddings, custards, cheesecakes, and such like fine
Knacks. Printed for W. Thackeray and T. Passenger *[circa *1660.] 12mo,
black letter, 12 leaves.

16 A Choice Manual!, or Rare and Select Secrets in Physic and Chyrurgery.
Also most exquisite wais of Preserving, Conserving, Candying. By the
Countess of Kent. Lond. 1663. 8vo.  This seems to have arrived at a 12th
Edit, in 1664.

17. The Queen-like Closet; or, Rich Cabinet, stored with all manner of Rare
Receipts for Preserving, Candying, and Cookery. By Hannah Woolley. Lond.
1684. I2mo. With a frontispiece and Supplement.
18. The Accomplish! Lady's Delight, in Preserving, Physic, Beautifying and
Cookery ; with the Female Angler, instructing Ladies in taking all manner of
Fish. 1719. 12mo. With an engraved title and portrait. (Ladies, Murrell,
Platt, Ruthven)

Thomas of House Silverwood and Clann O'Choda

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