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I've added notes to some of these entries.
I have a paper on this subject of the Tudor editions and
another on the Elizabethan editions that I hand out when I teach
on this topic.

This volume that the list came out of is 1867 so we know a lot more  
about these cookery books by this time. Those with a bibliographic  
bent can always check editions through the ESTC.


On Nov 9, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Robert Dunn wrote:

> Hello all.
> It's likely you're already aware of the following titles, but I  
> recently
> stumbled across them referenced in the"*Handbook to the popular,  
> poetical,
> and dramatic literature of Great Britain."  *Thought I'd share, just  
> in
> case.
> Link:
> http://books.google.com/books?id=Cr12PwAACAAJ&dq=hanbook+to+the+popular+poetical
> COOKERY.—1. This is the Boke of Cokery. snipped Emprynted
> without temple barre by [Kijcharde Pynson in the yere of our lorde.  
> M.D.
> 4to. K, in sixes, except that K has 8 leaves.
> In Herbert's time, this was in the library at Bulstrode.

Johnna--This is the Pynson edition at Longleat.

> 2. A propre new booke of Cokery. declaryng what maner of meates be  
> best in
> season for all tymes of the yeer, and how thei ought to be dressed and
> serued at table bothefor Holie dales and (issue daies with a newe  
> addicion,
> veri necessarye for all them that delighteth in cokery. Printed by  
> Richard
> Lant and Richard Banckes. 1546. 8vo, 16 leaves.

Johnna-- THis above 1546 edition does not exist. It may be a mistake  
and it's the 1576.

The 1545 edition exists in a sole copy in Scotland.

> 3. A noble Booke of Feastes Royall and of Cookerie for Princes  
> Housholde or
> any other Estate and the Making thereof. Lond. by John Byddell. 4to.

Johnna--This is a ghost. Maunsell listed this edition in his  
bibliography in the 1590's but there are no copies in existence. The  
date is believed to have been circa 1530.

> 4. A New Boke of Cokery. Printed by Thomas Raynalde. n.d. 12mo. So  
> Herbert.
> *

Johnna-- Another ghost.

> 6. *A Proper New Booke of Cookery. Imprinted at London by John Kynge  
> and
> Thomas Marsh [1558]. 12mo. *Corpus Christi Coll. Camb.

Johnna-- This is the undated edition owned by Matthew Parker which has  
resided at Corpus Christi College
in Cambridge since the late 1570's or 1580's. This volume appeared in  
the digital facsimile that was produced by CCC and was recently  
reviewed in TI. It's also the volume Catherine Freer used to create  
the famous 1913 edition.

> *
> This may he the *Poke of Cokerye, *which was licensed to John Kyng in
> 1667-8. Bee Collier's *E'xtractt, *i. 16.
> 6. A little olde booke of Cookery. Imprinted at London for Anthony  
> Kytson.
> 16mo. *MauntelCs Cat.

Johnna--- This does not exist and is a ghost.
> *
> 7. A proper new Booke of Cookery. Declaring what maner of meates be  
> best in
> season for al times of the yeere, and how they ought to be dressed,  
> & serued
> at the Table, both for fleshe dayes and Fish daies. With a new  
> addition,
> very necessary for al them that delight in Cookery. 1575. Imprinted at
> London in Fleete-street, by William How for Abraham Veale. 12mo,
> blackletter, 16 leaves. *Br. Museum.

Johnna--- The 1575 and 1576 editions reside in the British Library.  
One copy of each edition.

The PNBofC thus appear in 4 editions and there is just ONE copy of  
each edition surviving.

> *
> 8. A Booke of Cookery, very necessary for all such as delight therin,
> gathered by A. \V.
> And uowe newly enlarged with the seruing in of meats to the Table.  
> And the
> proper Sauces [to eche of them moste cotiuenient. Printed by lohn  
> Allde.
> 1684. 16ma Inglis, in 1826, *£t la.

Johnna--- NO, the date should 1584. There's also a recorded 1587,  
1591, and 1594.

> (b) *Lond. by Edward Allde. 1588. 16mo.
> *
> (c) *A Book of Cookerye. Gathered by A. W. And now newlye enlarged  
> with the
> seruing in of the Table. With the proper Sauces to each of them  
> conuenient.
> Lond. by Edward Allde, 1591. 8vo. E in eights. *Bodleian *(Douce).
> *
> 9. Cookerye for all maner of Dutch vyctuall. Licensed to J. Wolfe in  
> 1590.

Johnna--- Ghost.

> 10. The good huswifes handmaide for the kitchen, containing manie  
> principall
> poiutes of Cookerie, &c. Lond. by K. Jones. 1591. 8vo. *Bodleian  
> *(Douce).

Johnna---  Should be 1594? These titles by Partridge borrow from one  
another and then start
being credited to anonymous. There's a Widowes Treasure in 1591 and also
The Treasurie of Commodious Conceits in 1591.

> 11. Epulario, or the Italian Banquet: Wherein is shewed the manner  
> how to
> dresse and prepare all kind of Flesh, Foules, or Fishes, translated  
> out of
> Italian into English. Printed for William Barley, 1598. 4to, black  
> letter.
> Farmer, 1798, Xs. ; resold Bindlev, 1818

Johnna---  This actually survives in a number of editions and is on  

> 12. The Treasury of Hidden Secrets, commonly called the Good  
> Housewife's
> Closet of Provision. 1627. See Hunter's *New III. of Shakespeare,  
> *ii. 135.

Johnna---  This is a Partridge and appears much earlier.

I won't continue into the 17th century because that makes the list  
longer. My master  list runs from 1500-1700.

> Thomas of House Silverwood and Clann O'Choda

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