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margaret wrote:
>Just as an aside/interkingdom anthropology note -- I just realized that
>part of this discussion was about the kingdom funding feasts. Wow, it took
>awhile because (IKA), in AEthelmearc, nearly all events have feasts, I've
>never been to a kingom level event without at least a day-board (and
>Coronation/Crown Tourney always have feasts), but the Kingdom of
>Aethelmearc never funds feasts. All events/feasts -- including kingdom
>level events -- are the responsibility of the local hosting group to pay
>for. The kingdom shares the profits, but takes no risk on losses (I suppose
>if a small group lost their entire bank account, there might be some
>special reimbursement, but this is not a usual practice).
>The idea that the Kingdom funds would or should fund a feast is a little
>strange to me, as is some folks considering such funding as indicative of a
>kingdom's commitment to the culinary arts. YMMV, of course

Here in The West, if i understand correctly, an attempt is made to 
hold most Kingdom level events alternating between in the two Central 
Principalities. Once a year at least a Kingdom event is held in The 
Marches or an "outer" Principality, such as in Lochac, when it was 
one of our principalities, and in Oertha, where Purgatorio (our 
second annual Coronation out of three) was held this year. The area 
hosting it may provide the autocrat, as they know the area better, 
but they don't necessarily.

Principality events are paid for by the Principality.

Branch events (such as Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, 
Colleges) are paid for by the branch, one reason small branches often 
have potluck or cook-out "feasts".

Simple and straightforward without any problems about who is funding, 
how moneys made are disbursed, etc.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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