[Sca-cooks] IKA: Kingdom funding feast (was Minor rant Re: An Event Without a Feast, was Cookery book at Longleat House?)

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Mon Nov 9 12:35:37 PST 2009

Gretchen Beck wrote:
>  ...All events/feasts -- including kingdom
>  level events -- are the responsibility of the local hosting group to pay
>  for. The kingdom shares the profits, but takes no risk on losses (I
>  suppose if a small group lost their entire bank account, there might be
>  some special reimbursement, but this is not a usual practice).

Antonia replied:
>  That's certainly the norm here -- Kingdom doesn't really run Kingdom
>  events at all.  Local groups bid for Kingdom events, and local groups do
>  all the organisational work.

There is no bidding for events here.

There's a general knowledge of what it is reasonable to spend for 
certain types of events and of how much money they will make. So the 
idea is to make a little money if possible to cover those times when 
an event loses money.

Feasts are not supposed to cost more than $600 (that's for food plus 
cooking supplies and kitchen clean-up supplies), but can if they're 
very popular - this is up to the feast cook. Hall rental and clean up 
is separate and up to the autocrat.
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