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> From: David Walddon
> So I have gone through all my e-mail and Scappi several times and I can not
> find the cervelatte recipe!
> I know it is the second half of another recipe but for the life of me I
> cannot find it. 
> Any help out there?

I don't have the Scappi recipes, but here are two from other sources:

24 How one should make Zervelat. First take four pounds of pork from the
tender area of the leg and two pounds of bacon. Let this be finely
chopped and add to it three ounces of salt, one pound of grated cheese,
one and one half ounces of pepper and one and one half ounces of ginger.
When it is chopped then knead the following into it, one and one half
ounces cinnamon, one fourth ounce of cloves, one fourth ounce of nutmeg
and one ounce of sugar. The sausage skins must be cleaned and
subsequently colored yellow, for which one needs not quite one fourth
ounce of saffron. Tie it up on both ends and pour in approximately one
quart of fresh water. The entire amount of salt, ginger and pepper
should not be added, taste it first and season it accordingly. It should
be cooked about as long as to cook eggs. The seasoning and the salt must
be put into it according to one's own discretion, it must be tried
[Das Kuchbuch der Sabina Welserin]

CXXV - To make cervellade (sausage) bressane. Take pounds 25 of meat of
pork in which one does not have the neck / collar nor the loin or legs,
but is the meat of the ribs or shoulder, or other pounds 20 and pounds 5
of fat (see note below) that is as much of the things more or less
dependent on what you want to serve, and beat it well cut with a knife
(mince), then have 15 ounces of cheese of candia (white or candied) and
15 ounces of salt of Sardinia or pound of salt of chioza and 6 ounces of
red pepper and make that the salt and cheese are well chopped and
incorporate this batter together. Take entrails (casings) and fill and
let them stay of 2 of "saxone" and more that it is cold and time clear
more is better (allow to dry), then put to the smoke, or put in the
batter saffron and spices, but when it is more it is better in this
[Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco]

- Doc

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