[Sca-cooks] Barberries

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Nov 12 22:31:16 PST 2009

><<< Barberries can be found in Middle Eastern and Persian grocery 
>stores on occasion.  There are several recipes in the 1549 Italian 
>cookbook the Libro Novo that use them.  I rather like them in 
>                                                   Master B >>>
>Thank you. I'll have to try to find some the next time I'm in a 
>Middle Eastern or Persian grocery store. Are these likely to be in 
>cans, jars, dried in bags, or what?  At least these I can figure out 
>how to use them, either fresh or otherwise. Some foods, pickled, in 
>various mixes and others I'm not sure how to use.

They might be labeled Zereshk Berries.  I think I've seen them in a 
plastic bag, but but I've never bought any.


Here's a picture in packaging.  One brand anyway.


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