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I originally started by quartering the oranges and then scraping the pith off the peel with a knife. The peeling method went much faster and produced much more uniform pieces of peel, and as we candied the peels of 3 full cases of oranges this wound up being a much more streamline method. The next time I do a smaller batch I'm thinking of doing some of each method at the same time now that I've had more experience with the candying process. 

Sorry about that, I had written up the information in word and it seems to have done wonky things once it was sent. It should read 1/4 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar for every 1 cup of boiled peels.

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> Raphaella DiContini wrote:
> >For the feast I did last winter entirely from the
> anonymous Venetian I >got a request for candied orange
> peels. I also got a request for vegan >dishes, so I
> substituted sugar for honey. Here are some images of the
> >process: http://ayeshadream.livejournal.com/242130.html
> I am confused.  The pictures show some spirals of
> orange peel being removed from oranges.  Is that what
> you candied?  If so, what prompted you to remove the
> peel like that rather than removing all the peel from the
> orange?
> You had also quoted from a recipe that Master Eduardo uses
> and what came across in the digest was:
> "...the water from the first two boilings for orangewater
> to wash the hands with). The peels are then boiled in simple
> syrup starting with ? cup water, ? cup sugar, for every 1
> cup boiled peels."
> What are the amounts that the digest translates as
> "?"?  Thanks!
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