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Probably more like 16.  With cheesecake, it might go as high as 24, but that
would be out of a 12 inch pan, not a 9 inch pie shell.  
As a matter of fact, there are guides used in pastry shops that are circles
with a central handle, and they have teeth that stick down. You gently touch
the teeth to the top of a round cake or pie and it gives you cutting guides
to get exact cuts, which is especially handy when cutting such small wedges.
I remember working with various ones that were set to mark out 6,8,12,16,20,
and 24 slices. I'm doing just as well on the terminology for this widget as
I was earlier on the fudgy cake, but I have a question in to a friend of
mine that is a pastry chef, so I can probably turn up a picture of it soon.
Searching for 'pie portion cutting guide' isn't getting it. :)

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But 20 pieces out of an 8 or 9 inch pie? That's 5 slices per quarter  
of the pie?


On Nov 19, 2009, at 3:49 PM, Kingstaste wrote:

> You typically see a rich chess or pecan pie served in smaller  
> portions on
> buffets at hotels and restaurants.  I agree that if you are ordering  
> it off
> the menu, they are going to bring you a bigger piece, but for buffet
> service, those are going to be cut smaller.  Otherwise, people take a
> "normal" sized slice and only eat two or three bites because it is  
> so rich.
> Like wise with those decadent chocolate cakes that are gluten-free,  
> and I
> know there must be a real name for these other than gluten-free,  
> they are
> made with melted dark chocolate and egg yolks and cream - anyone?  
> anyone?
> Beuller?  They are fudgy and rich and a 6 inch round cake feeds 6-8.
> Another factor is using a thin commercial crust vs. a homemade one  
> that
> would probably stand up better to multiple cuts.  That and keeping  
> warm
> water handy to wash the knife off with every couple of cuts.
> Christianna
> Veteran of MANY a buffet line
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