[Sca-cooks] History -- pecan pie recipe

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Thu Nov 19 14:36:06 PST 2009

I've seen them call for a tablespoon of flour as well, and when re-making
the recipe I didn't see any difference when I left it out.  I've also seen
them with ground almond flour.  But there's got to be a real term, they have
to have been around longer than the current GF tag.  

I usually see them called "flourless chocolate cakes" - which is a
totally different beast from gluten-free cakes, a term that most often
refers to various attempts at creating a gluten free substitute for a
more typical cake recipe, generally with very mixed results.
Paradoxically, I once saw a recipe for flourless chocolate cake that
did call for a tiny bit of flour - it was a dessert of the
flourless-cake sort, even though technically the name wasn't really
accurate anymore.

 - Jaume

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