[Sca-cooks] Best way to make almond milk?

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Sun Nov 22 06:27:32 PST 2009

Jim and Andi wrote:
> I have read so many ways to make almond milk, both modern and medieval.
> I'm wondering what you all think is the best way to get rich almond milk
> for a Lenten recipe. I'm testing the Genestada recipe from Sent Sovi.
> Thank you!
> Madhavi 
I do it in the blender- the grinding part, that is. Run them until 
they're mealy sort of powder, about the texture of of corn meal. The add 
some water, blend until it's mixed. Then I put a cheesecloth in a 
strainer that is set over a bowl, put the almond slurry in it,  then 
pull the cheesecloth into a sort of bag, and twist the top to squeeze 
the milk out. Do it until you can get anymore out. Put the almonds back 
in the blender, add water, and do it all again, until you stop getting 
'milk' out and get something about the consistency of nonfat milk. 
Squeeze the almond one last time, as hard as you can. Set the almond 
milk aside for an hour or so. It will settle out some, and the richest, 
the 'cream' is at the top. If you want really rich almond milk, that's it.

My kids used to eat the leftover almond meal. It doesn't taste 
particularly almondy, after having all the fat milked out. but it can be 
fun to play with- a medieval sort of play dough. :-)


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