[Sca-cooks] Best way to make almond milk?

Judith Epstein judith at ipstenu.org
Sun Nov 22 06:32:14 PST 2009

On 22 Nov 2009, at 8:27 AM, Laura C. Minnick wrote:

> I do it in the blender- the grinding part, that is. Run them until they're mealy sort of powder, about the texture of of corn meal. The add some water, blend until it's mixed. 

You can also buy ground almonds. I believe Bob's Red Mill has it on their product list.

> My kids used to eat the leftover almond meal. It doesn't taste particularly almondy, after having all the fat milked out. but it can be fun to play with- a medieval sort of play dough. :-)

It also makes a pretty nice gluten-free pie crust (if you grind your own almonds -- mill-ground almonds may have been ground on the same grinder as glutenous grains, so it won't be GF) with the addition of a wee bit of sugar and a bit of fat.

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