[Sca-cooks] Does pie crust freeze?

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Nov 26 10:14:58 PST 2009

Volker Bach wrote:
> Salvete
> I have been asked to cpook a small feast away from home, and it looks increasingly like the kitchen facilities are suboptimal. My transport is also limited, though not very, and the best solution thus seems to be to bring anything that might be a problem to make on site, such as pie crust dough (modern - people here don't react well to non-edible coffins). My problem is, I don't think it will survive the trip and Friday unless i freeze it, and I'm not sure that's a viable plan. Any experience either way?

My usual plan is to make hot-water pastry (sturdier than shortcrust, but 
still edible).  I roll all of it out and stack it on a pizza pan with 
Glad wrap (clingfilm) between the layers.  Then I wrap and freeze the 
wrole thing.  Once it's frozen, I remove the pizza pan.  Then, when I 
want to use it, I can thaw it and put into pie pans. 

Caveat: the taller the stack, the more thawing time needed, so if you' 
think you'll want it thawed quickly, make stacks of just 4-5 sheets.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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