[Sca-cooks] Does pie crust freeze?

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Sun Nov 29 23:26:44 PST 2009

Another tip -- after you've squooshed all the air out of the ziplock, 
zip it up to the last inch or so, stick a drinking straw in and "suk" 
MORE air out.  Hold fingertips around the straw opening to keep it 
from re-filling while you're removing air, then hold it tight, pull 
the straw out & finish zipping.

Depending on the actual air-tight of the ziploc, you'll actually see 
some vacuum suckage, at least for the first few minutes!  I do it 
anyway, because air in the bag makes for even more dessication 
(freezer burn) than you're going to get anyway, so every little bit 
removed helps!


>I agree, but the key seems to be not letting them get dried out. You can
>freeze them as a dough ball in a ziplock that you've squooshed all the air
>out of, or even in the pan if you cover them in saran wrap and put in a 1
>gallon ziplock that you've squooshed all the air out of
>Good luck :)
>--Anne-Marie who routinely buys or makes pie crust in bulk and then stores
>in freezer till needed :)
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