[Sca-cooks] recipes for plantains?

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Sat Nov 28 16:56:04 PST 2009

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> The store had these small bananas, as well. I guess I'll have to go 
> back armed with a ruler and/or a camera. Perhaps I am mis-remembering 
> the size some, but they were definitely smaller than the regular 
> bananas. 
> I'll have to try one of these "finger" bananas. I had assumed they 
> were just picked sooner. My doctor wants me to reduce my potassium(?) 
> intake, but I imagine one or two will be okay. 
> Stefan 

There are a number of dwarf banana varieties.  The "finger" bananas are full size.  The most common ones in U.S. markets are dwarf red and dwarf cavendish.


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